Blackbridge Founder

Alexander Jarvis

Founder - Blackbridge Sports

Alexander Jarvis is the founder of Blackbridge Sports LLC. Alexander’s core role is structuring, advising, and facilitating transnational business transactions, and Investment mainly from the United States into the football and real estate sector across Europe. Along with brokering investments and partnerships into innovative web3/blockchain projects.

Alexander was the first British financier to set up a football-focused investment advisory business to assist Chinese investors in acquiring European Football Clubs. Alexander has since then sold stakes in 11 football clubs to investors from the United States, India, China, Canada, and the UK. Alexander has advised investors on over 30 football club investments and remains active in the football club M&A business.

Alexander's mission at Blackbridge is predominantly in the brokering of loan facilities and takeovers for ultra high net worth individuals, family offices and privately-owned conglomerates into the football business.

Alexander resides in the UAE and frequently travels to Europe, United States and South America. Alexander is an avid traveler and has visited 69 countries and lived in 5 countries.