What is Blackbridge?
Blackbridge Cross Borders (Blackbridge) offers world-class financial solutions across the Eurasian continent. Structuring, facilitating and brokering the investment in real-estate, infrastructure, energy and sports for international investors.
Who leads the firm?
Blackbridge is led by our Chairman Alexander Jarvis.
Blackbridge often talks about ’alignment of interest’ what does this mean?
The business development model of value creation has many virtues. One founding aspect is fundamental to this industry’s long-term success: alignment of interests. The goal is to align the interests of our clients with Blackbridge associates. When a project succeeds, all parties benefit. When an investment fails, all parties lose. This is a powerful motivator for Blackbridge associates and team to work in tandem to create value for our clients.
In what Industry sectors does Blackbridge specialise?
Blackbridge's key 3 Industry sectors
  • Financial services
  • Sports
  • Real Estate
Can I get a list of Blackbridge clients?
It is the policy of Blackbridge not to distribute or make public information about our clients or partners.
Is Blackbridge associated with any political party?
Blackbridge is apolitical we do not lobby or provide funds to political organisations.
Where did Blackbridge get its name?
Blackbridge founder Alexander Jarvis hoped to create an institution that would transcend him, so rather than using his last name, he chose: “Black” highlighting that the company will excel to always be in profit (black being a positive in financial terms red being a negative) “Bridge” meaning a structure carrying a road, path, railroad, or canal across a river, ravine, road, railroad, or other obstacle showing that the business goal is to deliver. “Cross Borders” to show that our goal is to be global and to stay global and that we don’t see regional and national borders as boundaries in conducting business transactions.